Simplebooklet + Wordpress

Use shortcode to embed your Simplebooklets on Wordpress.

Design in Simplebooklet, Show On Wordpress!

Add your Simplebooklet to your Wordpress webpage. Once you've enabled our plugin, you can easily embed your Simplebooklet on your Wordpress webpage at any size to fit your layout. The Simplebooklet plugin is mobile ready.

Note: You'll need a Wordpress website to use our plugin.

How To Install Simplebooklet Plugin

  • First, install the Simplebooklet plugin to your Wordpress site (you only need to do this once).

Using Shortcode

  • Go to the Share tab of your Simplebooklet.
  • Under Embed, select Wordpress.
  • Copy the shortcode.
  • Paste the shortcode in your wordpress page editor.

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